saites 5: 10.02.2024

Meduza: Роскомнадзор начал проверять Duolingo на «ЛГБТ-пропаганду» The Kyiv Independent: Russian military increasingly using Starlink terminals on battlefield LSM: «Griezei nav traktora, ar ko aizbraukt pie Saeimas.» Intervija ar ornitologu Ķerus @vkerus NPR: Cheap, plentiful and devastating: The synthetic drug kush is walloping Sierra Leone The Verge: Apple argues against right-to-repair bill that would reduce its control Meduza: Такер […]

saites 4: 08.02.2024

The Verge: Google’s use of student data could effectively ban Chromebooks from Denmark schools Meduza: Валерий Залужный отправлен в отставку. Новым главнокомандующим ВСУ стал Александр Сырский LRT: More oil spilled from Orlen’s terminal than first reported, some reached Latvia’s waters PBS: PHOTOS: Icelandic volcano begins erupting again, spewing lava and cutting off heat and hot water LSM: Lietuvā uzņēmuma […]

saites 3: 07.02.2024

LRT: Long-lost stained glass masterpiece discovered in Vilnius strip club ERR: State has to write off much of the €100,000 spent on failed website The Verge: The fediverse, explained +972 Magazine: Palestinians abused, forced to chant anti-Hamas slogans in ‘safe corridor’ NPR: Portraits from El Salvador’s nearly 2-year, sprawling crackdown on gang suspects Mexico News Daily: How […]

saites 2: 06.02.2024

LRT: Russian reconnaissance sonar discovered on Curonian Spit in Lithuania Axios: No presidential immunity for Trump, appeals court rules ABC News: World may already be 1.7C warmer according to Puerto Rican sea sponge record NPR: A new purple tomato is available to gardeners. Its color comes from snapdragon DNA Новая газета Европа: Надеждин вышел из «избы» Как соратники […]

saites 1: 05.02.2024

Politico: Hungary’s ruling party balks at Swedish NATO vote Buenos Aires Times: Fire destroys more than 3,000 hectares of native forest in Patagonia DW News: Germany’s trade unions: What’s behind the wave of strikes? Al Jazeera: Fire Beneath Her: Battling wildfires in Indonesian Borneo CBC: In the line of fire: In Gaza, anyone can wind up a ‘human […]